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Frequent Questions

Who We Are

Have you ever had a question and didn’t know where to find the answer? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

This section is a compilation of answers to the questions most commonly asked by our constituents. Just start by following one of the links below. If you can’t find the question you wanted to ask, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  1. Where does the retreat take place?

    Interlaken Inn in Lakeville, CT.

  2. How do I get there?

    There are buses that will take us from Chelsea, NYC directly to the Interlaken Inn in Lakeville, CT. Some attendees drive, or better yet, carpool! If you are driving and are willing to do service, please contact to volunteer. To reach Interlaken by public transportation take Metro-North Railroad from Grand Central Terminal. Take the Harlem Line to Wassaic Station in Amenia, NY (some trains are direct, but some require a change of trains at Southeast Station). Wassaic Station is 15 minutes from Interlaken. We suggest that you arrange a taxi in advance by calling Lakeville Taxi at (860) 435-8000.

  3. How long does it take to get there?

    It generally takes about 2.5 hours on the bus (traffic permitting).

  4. What if I have to leave early?

    Try to arrange a pickup vehicle (Uber, Lyft, Taxi, a fellow with a car) that can take you to the train station.

  5. What are the dates of the event?

    The retreat usually takes place during the last weekend of April from Friday to Sunday.

  6. How much does it cost?

    Cost varies depending on room choice. A single is $595. A double is $450. A triple is $345. This is all inclusive with meals, lodging, bus travel, and registration for the event.

  7. How do I apply for a scholarship?

    When registration opens click on the link on our website to apply for either a partial scholarship (you pay $200) or a full scholarship (you pay $0). You may only apply for ONE type of scholarship (not both). Applying for a scholarship in NO WAY guarantees a spot for you at the retreat. If you are in a position to pay full price for the event we recommend doing so. This is the only way to guarantee your spot is reserved.

  8. How are the scholarships awarded?

    A random drawing takes place after all the scholarship applications have been submitted. Depending on how successful our fundraising efforts for the year have been will dictate how many scholarships are awarded.

  9. Can I be awarded a scholarship if I have been awarded one in the past?

    Yes, however if your name gets drawn during the random drawing and you have previously been awarded a scholarship in the past 5 years, your name will go to the bottom of the list. This allows for people who have not been awarded a scholarship in the past to have a chance to attend the event.

  10. Is Spring Clearance affiliated with any 12 step programs?

    Spring Clearance is a registered 501(c)3 organization. We are in no way affiliated with or guided by any 12 step programs however our service board members actively participate in 12 step recovery groups.

  11. What do I do if I have any food allergies?

    If you have any food allergy or any special dietary needs (e.g., gluten or wheat, shellfish, lactose or dairy, nuts), please let us know. Interlaken will do their best to accommodate any dietary requirements but cannot guarantee they will be able to meet all requests.

  12. Can I sleep on the floor in my friends room?

    No. It is against the fire code at Interlaken Inn to have guests sleeping on the floors. 3 people per room is the allowed maximum amount.

  13. What do I wear?

    The average temperatures in Lakeville at the end of April range from a daytime high of 62F to an overnight low of 38F. Be sure to check for a more precise forecast just prior to the retreat. When packing, please consider: seasonal clothing for warm afternoons and chilly nights. A jacket or windbreaker is useful (it can get chilly at the bonfire on Friday night). Sneakers or comfortable footwear. Workout gear and yoga mats for interested in the fitness programing.

  14. Can I bring my dog?

    No pets allowed. Animals are not permitted unless you have notified us that you a bring a certified service animal. Violators will be asked to leave the retreat.

  15. Is the pool open?

    No. The pool is closed during this time of year.

  16. Is there Wi-Fi on site?

    Cell phone service and Wi-Fi are inconsistent at Interlaken. We encourage you to consider taking a “device holiday”.

  17. Is there smoking permitted?

    Interlaken is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only is not allowed in any of the meeting spaces, guestrooms or facilities.

  18. How do roommates get assigned?

    During your online registration you may select a designated roommate. If both of you (or the 3 of you) have selected each other, you will placed in the same room. If you chose the “Make Me a Match” option, you will learn who your roommate is when you check in. The specific sleeping arrangements in your room are for you and your roommate(s) to decide.

  19. Should I bring my own food or snacks?

    We will provide you with meals throughout the weekend. A variety of delicious snacks and beverages (water/soda/coffee/teas) are also available at all times. You are welcome to bring extra, non-perishable foods and snacks to keep in your room. Refrigerators are available for your use.

  20. Do I need to bring spending money for meals, tipping, etc?

    No. All meals and tipping are included in your registration cost; however, you may bring extra cash for any raffles or donations during the weekend. There is an ATM on the premises if you need cash at any point during the weekend.

  21. How many people get to attend each year?

    Approximately 175 attendees are permitted each year.

  22. Do you have to be LGBT to attend?

    No. Spring Clearance welcomes people of all backgrounds to attend.

  23. When does registration open?

    Generally, registration will open in February or March each year. Every year the registration period gets shorter and shorter due to the volume of registrants. Please register as early as possible in order to guarantee your spot. There are wait-lists for people who are willing to pay full price and there is also a scholarship waitlist.

  24. When will I know if I was awarded a scholarship?

    The random drawing usually takes place in March and notifications will be sent to the scholarship winners. If there is no response from a scholarship winner, the next person from the scholarship waitlist will be awarded.

  25. If I sign up to volunteer at the event- do I automatically get registered?

    No. You must register online.

  26. If I apply for a scholarship and do not get awarded one- can I still register and pay full price?

    This is an option, however there is NO GUARANTEE that you will be able to attend if you wait to register until after scholarships have been awarded. In prior years we have completely sold out before the scholarship drawing took place. If all spots are filled, you will be placed on the waitlist for registration. Again, if you are able to pay full price for your registration, we recommend doing so in order to guarantee your spot at the retreat.

  27. Is there a gym?

    Yes. The Interlaken has a gym located inside the facilities. There will also be fitness workshops provided over the weekend.