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Mission & History

Who We Are

Founded in 2004, Spring Clearance is an annual retreat for the recovery community that promotes wellness of body, mind, and spirit to build community, end substance abuse-related isolation, and foster individual growth. We accomplish this by providing several workshops, study groups, guest speaker meetings, and social activities, as well as service opportunities and events throughout the year.

Each year, Spring Clearance provides participants with an opportunity to deepen their recovery in an environment that is unfettered by distractions. The annual Spring Clearance retreat is typically held during the last weekend of April at the Interlaken Inn, located in Lakeville, Connecticut.

Distinct from other recovery programs, Spring Clearance is an independent 501(c)(3), and as such, is not bound by the limits of the traditions within a 12 Step program, which precludes outside funding. It has evolved from a singular annual round-up into a spiritual, wellness and recovery retreat. It is open to all members of the community seeking recovery from addiction and those seeking to grow along spiritual lines. The focus of these programs is to assist in developing spiritual tools, including the 12 steps of recovery as outlined in the book Alcoholics Anonymous. It also allows participants to develop proper socialization skills in a safe and nurturing environment. In 2011, Spring Clearance began to offer a series of wellness seminars during its annual retreat.  These include sessions on diet, mental health, exercise, meditation, career development, and continuing education alternatives with a focus on how these issues relate to persons living with HIV.

Today, we provide many workshops, study groups, guest speaker meetings, and social activities during the retreat, as well as service opportunities and events throughout the year. The retreat also features speakers from around the country who have achieved long-term sobriety and have a positive message of recovery.

Spring Clearance has successfully run 20 annual retreats, growing in size from 68 attendees in its first year to 196 in 2022.  In 2020 we shifted to our very first virtual format, where over 500 registrants joined in via their home computers! Over 1,000 individuals from across the United States, Canada, and Europe have been impacted directly by its programs, all of which are organized and presented by volunteers. Through careful planning and budgeting, it has remained financially solvent while experiencing modest annual growth.