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  • From the welcome meeting on Friday afternoon through the final words of gratitude, I knew I was in capable, loving hands ~ T.S.

  • The overall experience was so much more than amazing; it was a spiritual experience that was deeper than words. ~ R.W.

  • Being a first timer and from an area with a small fellowship. I was very inspired by the messages of recovery from all your speakers and in awe of the fellowship all together. It was awesome to share, listen and learn from other addicts. ~ J.E.

  • The group interactions and old fashioned fun reminded me how precious life and friendships are. ~ J.M.

  • The love and desire for recovery at this event was amazing. The spirit of service and acceptance was wonderful. ~ O.B.

  • Wow, is the only word that comes to mind. I received more than I ever could have imagined. I never thought honestly that I could smile so much in recovery. You all showed me that it works if I work it. Thank you.  ~ J.M.

  • My favorite part of the weekend was the shared sense of love and laughter at random intervals. No judgment, no self-consciousness. Absolute freedom to be genuine.  ~ K.B.

  • I can't say enough good things about the meetings and the speakers. They touched me so deeply and had me in tears at points. I was really impressed by the format of the meetings, the strong connection to the Big Book and the level of spirituality. ~ G.R.

  • This was an excellent retreat and I will attend again. Everyone from the fellows to the committee members were warm and friendly and made me feel welcome. Great job. ~ S.R.

  • I look forward to attending Spring Clearance every year. It's the best time of the year for me! ~ C. M.
    The leaders of each workshop were well prepared and terrific at delivering the information. ~ J.K.


Founded in 2004, Spring Clearance is an annual retreat for the recovery community that promotes wellness of body, mind and spirit in an effort to build community, end substance abuse-related isolation and foster individual growth. We accomplish this by providing a number of workshops, study groups, guest speaker meetings, and social activities during the retreat, as well as service opportunities and events throughout the year.

Each year, Spring Clearance provides participants with an opportunity to deepen their recovery in an environment that is unfettered by distractions. The 2017 Spring Clearance retreat will run from Friday, April 28th, through Sunday, April 30th, at the Interlaken Inn, located in Lakeville, Connecticut.


Enhance your journey into sobriety and strengthen your spirituality with a diverse schedule of 12-step workshops, wellness programs, speaker meetings, group activities and fellowship. Take this opportunity to build your kit of sober tools. Relax in an environment where you can make new friends or simply get to know some familiar faces even better. Clear your mind and invigorate your spirit along the shores of Lake Wononscoppmuc; a safe and sober environment for growth and learning.

Registration to the retreat includes round trip bus transportation from New York City, meals, lodging and all programs and activities offered throughout the weekend. Scholarships are available, and we welcome donations toward scholarships.


In the fall of 2003 several members of the recovery community in New York returned from a large recovery roundup in Palm Springs, tan, refreshed and inspired. “Our fellowship here in New York needs an event too”, said Jay P., a roundup attendee, “Something safe, and something special…”

Nineteen other members of the New York fellowship agreed (yes, it took twenty people to get the retreat off the ground that first year,) and they squeezed into Luis V.’s apartment on Oct. 15th to begin planning the first event.

They asked themselves, “Should we organize another round-up? How about a convention?” There are plenty of those, they felt. “Why not something quiet and relaxed, free from the daily distractions of the city?” They decided on a rural retreat – a weekend escape from the distractions of city life during which they could refocus their recovery in a way that was not possible in New York City. They created a weekend program filled with recovery workshops and fellowship activities that would allow participants an opportunity to deepen their recovery experience.

From the events’ inception, funds were raised for scholarships so that anyone could attend regardless of personal finances. The name Spring Clearance was chosen and through word-of-mouth, the event sold out within a week of its announcement.

Our first retreat was held at Jeronimo’s Hotel in upstate New York in spring of 2004 with 68 attendees. We have since grown to over 170 attendees from across the United States and Europe. While the event has grown, locations have changed, and programs have expanded, the original spirit of fellowship and recovery remains.